A First Lady First: “This is really important for me and for my country, and today I want to address you as politicians and party representatives as well as mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, daughters and sons.” Yahoo News
Ukrainian first lady Zelenska addresses Congress: ‘Russia is destroying our people.’ Meanwhile, Russia’s Lavrov says ready to expand war aims. And the world is picking sides. Putin, in Tehran, gets strong support from Iran over Ukraine.

+ Gov and Marriage: “The House easily passed the Respect for Marriage Act — a bill establishing federal protections for same-sex marriage — on Tuesday, with 47 Republicans voting in favor of the bill, a bipartisan accomplishment that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.” The move is aimed at the Supreme Court. Same-sex marriage could get historic protections — if the Senate votes on it.

+ Red October: “Elon Musk Just Lost His Bid To Delay The Twitter Trial, Which Starts In October.” (Elon wants to add an edit button to legally binding agreements.)

+ Walking the Plank: “Cruise stocks jumped today after the CDC ended its Covid-19 program for cruise ships.”

+ Pablo Won’t Cruise: “It never changed. Baseball means a lot for me. It’s my life, my career. It’s one of the things that I still do with love and passion because that’s the way they teach me when I was young. People don’t realize that when you lost that, it’s the time to walk away. But I’m never gonna lose that, because I love this.” GQ: The Last Licks of Pablo Sandoval, Baseball’s Kung Fu Panda.