Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

“The nearly 80-page report was the first to criticize both state and federal law enforcement, and not just local authorities in the South Texas town for the bewildering inaction by heavily armed officers as a gunman fired inside two fourth-grade classrooms at Robb Elementary School, killing 19 students and two teachers.” Uvalde report: 376 officers but ‘egregiously poor’ decisions.

+ Here’s TX Rep. Dustin Burrows on the report’s findings: “With hindsight, Robb Elementary was not adequately prepared for the risk of a school shooter. Despite a policy of locked doors, there was a regrettable culture of non-compliance.” (We need to get to the bottom of what went wrong in this tragedy. But don’t be distracted. It’s not the cops. It’s not the lack of preparedness. It sure as hell isn’t the non-compliance with locked door policies. It’s the easily accessible high-powered guns being used to do exactly what they were designed for: To inflict as many deaths as possible in the shortest amount of time.)

+ Sometimes a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun (though it usually only happens after the bad guy with the gun has inflicted damage). “Three people were fatally shot and two were injured Sunday evening at an Indiana mall after a man with a rifle opened fire in a food court and an armed civilian shot and killed him.”

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