Under the Influencer

“At first glance, the posts appeared to have nothing in common. A Philadelphia-area attorney who proffers financial advice urged her 1,700 Twitter followers to sign up for a credit union. A 23-year-old climate activist in Texas rallied her 49,000 fans on TikTok and Instagram to join a mailing list promoting Democrats in statewide offices. A physical therapist for the elderly in Florida prodded her 3,900 Instagram followers to sign a petition demanding that Congress pass paid medical leave … Even though none of the people reading these posts knew it, however, they were all made possible by the same company: Urban Legend, a small ad-tech startup operating out of a loft in Alexandria, Virginia.” Wired: Meet the Lobbyist Next Door. “Here’s the irony of this whole thing … Urban Legend is relying upon precisely the same thing—trust—that it is arguably destroying.” (Don’t worry. They’ll destroy irony too.)

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