Boss Tweet: You’re not the boss of me! But I’m taking you to court so you will be! We all had a feeling the Musk/Twitter crap would end up in court. Now that it’s a sure thing, NY Mag shares 15 Revelations in Twitter’s Suit Against Elon Musk. (Twitter should just suspend his account. The dopamine withdrawals would have him crawling to the negotiating table.)

+ Meet and Cheat: “For hours, the group tried to persuade Trump to take extraordinary, potentially illegal action to ignore the election results and try to stay in power. And for hours, some of Trump’s actual White House advisers tried to persuade him that those ideas were, in the words of one lawyer who participated, ‘nuts.'” (In the Godfather, the mob went to the mattresses. In the Trump mob, they went to the Pillow Guy.) WaPo: Unhinged’: The White House meeting that preceded Trump’s ‘will be wild’ tweet. Jan. 6 takeaways: ‘Screaming’ and a Trump tweet never sent. And “a man who joined the pro-Trump mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol apologized Tuesday to officers who protected the building after telling lawmakers that he regrets being duped by the former president’s lies of election fraud.”

+ A Mead to Know Basis: “Stranded boats, desiccated fish, and no water on cracked ground that once made a shoreline. That’s the new business-as-usual for Lake Mead, where the West’s punishing drought and chronic water overuse have combined to render the lake almost unrecognizable as water levels continue to plummet.”

+ Pulling Strings: “The Hitler marionette, an instrument of parody and defiance, offers an intriguing glimpse into the strong puppetry tradition in the family of the man who retrieved it from that attic: Frank Oz, one of its creators’ sons, who went on to become one of the 20th century’s best-known puppeteers, bringing Cookie Monster, Bert, Miss Piggy and others to life through his collaborations with Jim Henson, and later becoming a force in the Star Wars movies, giving voice to Yoda.” NYT: The Saga of a World War II Ancestor of Miss Piggy, Bert and Yoda.

+ Eagle Brief: Did they do it for love? Did they do it for money? Did they do it for spite? Did they think you had to, honey? Either way, they might be headed to prison in the long run. Prisoners of their own device? Men accused over theft of Hotel California manuscript. “The men attempted to sell the manuscripts, manufactured false provenance, and lied to auction houses, potential buyers, and law enforcement about the origin of the material … They had also allegedly engaged in a ‘years-long campaign to prevent Henley from recovering the manuscripts.'” Ironically, prison is a place where you can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave.