Lately, there has been a lot of pressure on corporations to protect employees and rescue society from unpopular policies and minority court opinions. But ultimately, most corporations are focused on expanding marketshare, and there are unofficial government systems in place to welcome those expansion efforts with open palms. This brings us to the Uber files, wherein we learn how a particularly aggressive corporation pushed the pedal to the meddle around the world. Uber broke laws, duped police and secretly lobbied governments.

+ “According to the documents and interviews with former employees, the company used a program called Greyball to keep authorities from hailing cars — and potentially impounding them and arresting their drivers. It used a technology called ‘geofencing’ that, based on location data, blocked ordinary use of the app near police stations and other places where authorities might be working. And it used corporate networking management software to remotely cut computers’ access to network files after they had been seized by authorities.” WaPo: ‘Hit the kill switch’: Uber used covert tech to thwart government raids.

+ Uber hired oligarch-linked Russian lobbyist despite bribery fears. (“Despite?”)