Weekend Whats

What to Watch: It’s a mood. It’s the feel and grit of the city. It’s a great new show about a chef who has to come home to run his family’s sandwich shop. I’m loving The Bear on Hulu. And a bonus, the soundtrack is also great. (But binge the show first.)

+ What to Read: Here are a few great reads to curl up with over the weekend. The always excellent team at Epic Magazine takes us to the early 90s when few corners of the military were as misogynistic as the world of fighter pilots. This is the story of the women Navy officers who overcame that culture to fly the formidable F-14. Katie Hafner and Sophie McNulty: The Gauntlet. From Matt Sullivan in Rolling Stone: Did This Trump-Loving, Leopard-Hunting Dentist Kill His Wife? (From that description, I’d guess yes. But you have to read on to find out…) And a pretty weird one from BBC: A court in India has sent to prison a man who was found guilty of posing as the son of a wealthy landlord for 41 years. The BBC’s Soutik Biswas pieces together a gripping tale of deceit and delay in justice.

+ What to Hear: Digable Planets was on the bill at my local county fair this week, and that reminded me to dig back into their amazing catalog. They were ahead of their time in terms of sound (and in the case of the song, La Femme Fetal, in terms of subject matter.) But start with their popular hits. Seriously, “I’m cool like dat” may be the most truthful lyric in music history.

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