“Deep in southwest Virginia, there’s a county fair where, last month, one woman won first, second and third place for best cookies. She also swept all three awards for candy and for savory bread. In fact, she won the blue ribbon for cake, pie, brownie, sweet bread and best overall baked good (that was strawberry fudge.) It didn’t stop there. One woman dominated the awards at a Virginia county fair. Then the internet went wild. (Now this is what the intenet is supposed to go wild about!)

+ “Hiring slipped only slightly in June, with no sign of a looming recession.” (Economics is a little more complicated than this, but it’s feel good Friday, so enjoy!) And gas prices are finally coming down a bit.

+ A Suicide And Crisis Hotline Is Coming Called 988. Here’s Everything To Know About It.

+ SI: Sandra Douglass Morgan Makes History as Raiders Team President. In this case, what happens in Vegas should be emulated elsewhere…

+ Biden awards Medal of Freedom to Gabby Giffords, Simone Biles, John McCain, and others.

+ Fin whales, once hunted to the brink of extinction, have returned to their historic feeding grounds in the Antarctic Peninsula in large numbers.

+ Experience: I rescued a camel from quicksand. (I once rescued my beagles from hot pavement by quickly guiding them to the shady side of the street.)