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Boorish Johnson: Many of his own cabinet ministers are resigning and or telling Boris Johnson it’s time to step down. Of course, he’s not doing it because power and narcissism go hand in hand these days. Here’s the latest on boorish Boris.

+ Kill Everyone? Sure, Here are Your Weapons: This lede from WaPo is one more clear example of just how crazy our gun laws are: “The Illinois State Police confirmed on Tuesday that the father of the Highland Park parade shooting suspect sponsored his son’s application for a gun permit months after relatives reported that [the killer] had threatened to ‘kill everyone,’ and that authorities had ‘insufficient basis’ to deny the application.” America has a lifetime to try to explain its gun addiction and pathetic leadership to Aiden McCarthy. He’s two years old and both his parents were blown to bits in Highland Park.

+ Club Mystery:The deaths of 21 teenagers in a nightclub tragedy is a crime and South African officials must increase steps to prevent alcohol from being illegally sold to youths, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said Wednesday.” (Officials are calling out alcohol sales, but so far, no one has any idea what killed these kids.)

+ Your Eggs Are Done: “The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s lengthy investigation involved tracking one San Francisco suspect’s phone calls and installing a GPS device on his truck.” Authorities went to great lengths to stop a Bay Area caviar black market crime ring.

+ Sole Man: “Bruce was the first person, in an era of leather-soled shoes, to have the foresight to understand the concept of building footwear for walking and comfort … From that inspiration, the whole rubber-soled shoe business really developed.” NYT: Bruce Katz, Pioneer of the Walking Shoe, Is Dead at 75. (Great guy from Marin. Sorry to hear this news.)

+ Adding Injury to Insult: “The law will be reexamined in three years to determine if it’s impacting freedom of expression — a concern raised by critics of the bill. Proponents said it was necessary to slow cyberbullying in the country.” Japan to start jailing people for online insults. (So if you have a Twitter account, better stay out of Japan.)

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