The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. But it’s more mild than the rest of the house. “At the end of April, when the daytime temperature crossed 113 °F, most residents of Nagla Tulai sought succor in the hot winds blowing outdoors. Since northwest India first began to see alarming temperatures, local governments have been advising people not to go out in the sun if they can help it. But Nagla Tulai is one of the few Indian villages yet to be electrified. That means no fans, no coolers, and no air conditioners for its 150-odd households. Instead, the women of Nagla Tulai have taken their cooking to the rooftops. There they sit for hours stuffing tinder into their clay stoves to keep them burning even as the sun breathes fire at them from above.” Imagine cooking over an open fire on the roof as a way to cool off. MIT Tech Review: No power, no fans, no AC: The villagers fighting to survive India’s deadly heatwaves.

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