“I always go to IHOP first thing in the morning. I get a pancake stack with strawberries, bananas, honey, and anything I really want on there and I’ll demolish that. About two hours later, I’ll get a wee snack of my choice. Lunchtime is a burger or a double burger and chips. I’ll repeat that meal three times in a day, so I’ll have three burgers and chips in a day—that’s when I’m in America a week before comp. My last meal of the day is usually something with pasta because it’s extra starchy and it’ll sit in your belly and digest slowly. Then maybe some chocolate cake at night.” The Real-Life Diet of Tom Stoltman, the World’s Strongest Man.

+ Do you love board game nights, going to Disneyland without kids, and watching teen dramas on The CW? Then you might be a kidult.

+ Remember RadioShack? It’s now a crypto company with wild tweets. Of course it is.