Planes, Pains, and Automobiles: I’m writing today’s edition from the waiting area of a car repair shop in Truckee. It could be worse. My vacation could involve flying. “Ahead of the July Fourth weekend, airlines are facing a wave of concern over flight cancellations — and new pressure from Washington to make sure they’re not leaving travelers in the lurch.” (So when your flight gets canceled, you just have to wait for the government to act. Have a great trip!) And, an American Airlines passenger drove to Denver airport to rebook his seats after the airline’s customer-service center left him on hold for nearly 4 hours.

+ Border Control: WaPo: “Several national antiabortion groups and their allies in Republican-led state legislatures are advancing plans to stop people in states where abortion is banned from seeking the procedure elsewhere, according to people involved in the discussions.”

+ Tic Stalk: “At its core, TikTok functions as a sophisticated surveillance tool that harvests extensive amounts of personal and sensitive data.” U.S. FCC commissioner wants Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their app stores.

+ R, You Listening? “You made me do things that broke my spirit. I literally wished I would die because of how low you made me feel. Do you remember that?” R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in sex trafficking case.

+ Rica Act: “After 43 days on the run, the woman accused of killing an elite cyclist was captured in Costa Rica.”

+ Pitch Perfect: “Even if I was just trying to come back, it’s never been a straight line for me. Even in that whole process, I was lost. I felt like there were times when I was hopeless, that this dream would never happen. So yeah, I was choking back tears.” Former No. 1 pick Mark Appel makes ‘surreal’ MLB debut at age 30, pitches scoreless 9th for Philadelphia Phillies.