In the end, one line from Cassidy Hutchinson’s Jan 6 testimony stands out. It was a statement that the former chief of staff for Mark Meadows made not as a political operative, not as a Republican, not as member of the Trump administration, but as a citizen. When recounting the sick Trump tweet that still blamed Mike Pence by name, even as the armed insurrectionists were approaching the vice president, Hutchinson said, “As an American, I was disgusted.” Indeed, how could anyone who calls themselves an American be anything other than sad, furious, and disgusted by what happened on the 6th, and the pathetic response by a so-called president who incited the insurrection and waited hours before finally calling for the blood-hungry mob to leave the Capitol, even then saying he knows how they feel and that, “We love you.” Hutchinson’s testimony also recounted a president who regularly threw temper tantrums and plates, who wanted metal detectors removed so more armed people could get close to his Jan 6 speech since, “They’re not here to hurt me,” and who was so determined to join the Capitol insurrectionists that he grabbed the steering wheel of the presidential limo (the beast grabbing the wheel of The Beast) and attacked a top security staffer in the car.

Hutchinson’s statement of disgust was the most relatable testimony from today’s hearing. The most troubling was when she quoted Trump as he demanded to be taken to the Capitol to join his fellow insurrectionists. “I’m the f-cking president.” Sadder words have rarely been spoken. We saw the basic facts of Jan 6 play out in real time. Hearing the details provides an unpleasant, but necessary, reminder of the regular proximity that seditious lowlifes like Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone, and Mike Flynn had to our highest office and how much time was spent by decent people like Cassidy Hutchinson trying to corral the infantile, sociopathic leanings of an unfit narcissistic madman, who millions of Americans still adore. (That’s the saddest part of all.)

+ “Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to President Donald J. Trump’s final chief of staff, described Mr. Trump throwing his lunch against the wall and insisting that security allow passage to armed protesters. She added that her boss, Mark Meadows, did little to try to manage Mr. Trump on Jan. 6 and sought a pardon for himself.” NYT: Witness Details Trump’s Rage and Meadows’s Inaction on Jan. 6.