Moscow Maller: “A shopping centre in east Ukraine with more than 1,000 people inside has been hit by a Russian missile strike.” With the G7 meeting in progress, Putin sends a message. More war crimes.

+ Hoop Schemes: “Shackled and looking wary, WNBA star Brittney Griner was ordered to stand trial Friday by a court near Moscow on cannabis possession charges, about 4 1/2 months after her arrest at an airport while returning to play for a Russian team. The Phoenix Mercury center and two-time U.S. Olympic gold medalist also was ordered to remain in custody for the duration of her criminal trial. Griner could face 10 years in prison if convicted on charges of large-scale transportation of drugs. Fewer than 1% of defendants in Russian criminal cases are acquitted.”

+ New Episode Drops: “The Jan. 6 select committee, in a surprise announcement with about 24 hours’ notice, said it will hold a Tuesday hearing ‘to present recently obtained evidence and receive witness testimony.'”

+ Independence Daze: “Some items on the menu have particularly surged. A half-gallon of vanilla ice cream is up by 58.6% to $4.69, according to the report. And an eight-pack of hamburger buns has increased by 55.4% to $1.66. The price of chicken breasts and pork chops to throw on the grill also rose by 30% or more.” Sizzling inflation is raising the cost of July 4th BBQs by almost 21%.

+ Progress Bump: ‘You get goosebumps from the data’: hopes rise for new malaria vaccine.

+ Color Background: “Schreiber was confused: He hadn’t used T-Mobile’s name. He hadn’t appropriated the company’s logo or tagline. Hell, he wasn’t even in the cell phone business. But as he read on, he realized his ‘crime’ was using the color magenta.” The Hustle: Can a corporation ‘own’ a color?