“The legislation would toughen background checks for the youngest firearms buyers, require more sellers to conduct background checks and beef up penalties on gun traffickers. It also would disburse money to states and communities to improve school safety and mental health initiatives … Resolving one final hurdle that delayed the accord, the bill would prohibit romantic partners convicted of domestic violence and not married to their victims from getting firearms. Convicted abusers who are married to, live with or had children with their victims are already barred from having guns.” Senators reach bipartisan compromise on gun violence bill. (It’s not nothing. And that’s really something. But John Mellencamp probably has the right take. We’re basically turning an AR-15 into an AR-14.98.)

+ Does a good guy with a gun often stop a bad guy with a gun? More often, the bad guy with a gun stops himself after killing a lot of other people. The NYT crunched the numbers. Who Stops a ‘Bad Guy With a Gun‘?