Naked and Afraid

I do not disrobe in public. I rarely disrobe in private. I put on socks and shoes when I first wake up and I don’t take them off until I get back into bed at night. I often sleep in my jeans. In middle school, while playing basketball, a kid grabbed the area just above my waistline and said, “Look, Pell’s got handles.” That was the last time I played shirts and skins in any sport. When I pull open my trenchcoat, the only thing that’s exposed is my windbreaker. In short, this NYT (Gift Article) from Catherine Pearson is not going to move me. But perhaps it will prepare you for a more revealing summer. How to Feel Better Naked. “Whether you want to find joy in your body, or just greater self-acceptance, these four strategies from psychologists, activists — and, yes, nudists — might help.” (To me a nudist is someone who wears flip flops in public.)

+ “Shivering naked with 2,000 people on a Tasmanian beach on a winter morning is legal, if not usually my idea of a great day out. But when given a waiver form asking you to sign away the risk of a heart attack and showing your arse on national television, who refuses that kind of invitation? Not I.” The Guardian: A liberating high comes with group nudity at Dark Mofo – it can turn anyone into a giggling fool. (Pro tip: One can also achieve a liberating high by getting high.)

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