“OXO revolutionized the salad spinner, to be sure. But to see this humble prototype—Frankenstein’d out of a child’s toy top and some hand-carved plastic, dull with age—swaddled inside a gorgeous Tiffany box made me laugh. OXO, with its embrace of dutiful, functional design and every-cook utility, certainly wasn’t Tiffany. Right? Maybe not, but don’t tell that to the people who love OXO. The people who love OXO really love OXO.”

+ The greatest literary magazine around is making a comeback. In 2003, McSweeney’s launched The Believer. Now they’re fundraising to continue publishing it and carry on its essential literary legacy. (They’re so close! Let’s get them over the edge.)

+ And, to an almost unimaginable extent, I buried the lede today. Beyonce’s new song just dropped. Break My Soul. Summer has arrived, for real.