Don Raid: While watching the Jan 6 hearings, you probably feel a little alienated, wondering how Trump could have betrayed the nation and still be walking free. Well, you’re not as alone as you think. 6 in 10 Americans say Trump should be charged for Jan. 6 riot.

+ The Trees Through the Forest: “British journalist Dom Phillips’ quest to unlock the secrets of how to preserve Brazil’s Amazon was cut short this month when he was killed along with a colleague in the heart of the forest he so cherished. Some of his discoveries may yet see the light of day … Phillips was also a crisp writer with an ear for readability. A 2018 story for The Guardian had one of journalism’s most dramatic introductions: ‘Wearing just shorts and flip-flop as he squats in the mud by a fire, Bruno Pereira, an official at Brazil’s government Indigenous agency, cracks open the boiled skull of a monkey with a spoon and eats its brains for breakfast as he discusses policy.'” AP: After writer’s murder in the Amazon, can his vision survive?

+ Quake News: “Far-right leader Marine Le Pen said on Monday that her party’s extraordinary surge in the country’s parliamentary election is a ‘historic victory’ and a ‘seismic event’ in French politics.” (Being from San Francisco, I’m not a huge fan of seismic events.) Macron’s party loses control of France’s parliament as the far right gains 81 seats. Meanwhile, Ex-rebel wins runoff to be Colombia’s 1st leftist president.

+ Temp’ing Fate: While the deep-pocketed new right is trying to end the woke-ism over climate change, here’s what’s going on. Reuters: A Somali boy’s mission to find food as climate change takes its toll. AP: Sweltering streets: Hundreds of homeless die in extreme heat. Roads buckling in intense Oklahoma heat. And from NPR: Days of intense heat have killed thousands of cattle in Kansas. (Hope you like it well done, folks.)

+ The Laddie and the Caddie: “The game is meant for those who find joy in suffering and suffer through joy. Fitzpatrick spent Saturday night trying not to think about the stakes.” Matt Fitzpatrick Found Joy In the Suffering, and His Reward Is the U.S. Open Title. Fitzpatrick didn’t wait too long for his first major. His caddie did. For over three decades, Billy Foster has carried the bag at plenty of major tournaments, yet never for a winner. That is, until Sunday.