The Long War

“The crucial variable in this long, brutal war may be ‘strategic patience,’ in the words of retired Australian Army Maj. Gen. Mick Ryan. The Ukrainians aren’t winning right now, but they aren’t losing, either. And they should have a lot more weapons arriving soon.” David Ignatius in WaPo: In Ukraine, is the balance tipping in Moscow’s favor? Not yet. (The problem is that sociopaths have long timetables.)

+ Biden announces $1 billion in new aid to Ukraine. “The aid package will include more arms for Ukraine, such as coastal defense systems, artillery, advanced rocket systems and ammunition.”

+ “Sometimes people die on the road.” Alexei Navalny has reportedly been transferred to a higher security prison. But so far, his family and lawyers have not made contact.

+ Brittney Griner’s imprisonment has been extended again — and experts say her hearing “will never happen.'”

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