Bill Barr voiced the obvious reality accepted by those who like to keep the real in reality. Trump’s false claims about the election were “bullshit.” But that bullshit has fans. In many places, promoting The Big Lie is the price of admission to get on a GOP ballot. The disease is spreading. Enablers are multiplying. And whatever you’ve been told can’t happen here, can (and is). WaPo: More than 100 GOP primary winners back Trump’s false fraud claims. “Many will hold positions with the power to interfere in the outcomes of future contests — to block the certification of election results, to change the rules around the awarding of their states’ electoral votes or to acquiesce to litigation attempting to set aside the popular vote.”

+ For many of the originators of the lie, it’s always been a big grift. Trump finally found a profitable business. Duping people into just giving him money. Kimberly Guilfoyle Made $60,000 Introducing Don Jr. at Coup Rally, Jan. 6 Committee Says.