A drunk Rudy Giuliani urged Trump to falsely claim victory on election night, but after that, pretty much every sane person in Trump’s orbit told him that he lost the election. But as Bill Barr put it, Trump was “becoming detached from reality,” while the voting fraud claims were “bullshit,” “bogus” and “idiotic.” (That would make a decent tagline for Fox News.) Day two of the Jan 6 hearings was all about the Big Lie. It’s critical to remember that, for Trump, being detached from reality is a feature, not a bug. He regularly hammered away at the validity of the the vote during his presidency, and did so relentlessly in the months leading up to the 2020 election. Even if it got an assist from flourishing narcissistic personality disorder, the detachment was by design, and with the help of seditious enablers it was effective enough to detach tens of millions of Americans from reality.