Gringo Directly to Jail: “Here in Baja California, there’s one small unit of state police — 10 men and two women — assigned to catch them. Officially, they’re the International Liaison Unit. But they’re known by another name: the Gringo Hunters. Pursuing American fugitives in Mexico might seem like the punchline of an unwritten joke, a xenophobic stereotype inverted: Donald Trump’s ‘bad hombres’ in reverse.” WaPo (Gift Article): A U.S. murder suspect fled to Mexico. The Gringo Hunters were waiting.

+ What’s Yours is Mine: “A year ago, Sanhala was enjoying a successful career as a professional handball player representing her hometown of Lobito, a port city in western Angola. That life now feels a long way off. Today, she is part of a highly trained all-female demining squad working to rid her country of deadly anti-personnel and anti-tank mines while at the same time challenging traditional notions of gender roles in this southern African nation. ‘It’s a very different life. But I wanted a challenge.'” NPR: Angola’s all-female demining teams blow up landmines — and gender stereotypes. (That’s a tough area to fight for equality.)

+ Stroke of Luck?: “Patients whose brain injury coincidentally relieved their nicotine cravings may help unravel the neural underpinnings of addiction, a new study suggests.” NYT: They Were Cigarette Smokers. Then a Stroke Vanquished Their Addiction.

+ A Whole Mesa Heat: It’s been in the 80s in Phoenix. At night. The temperature topped 110F on four consecutive days and has not fallen below 80F at night-time for the past week. Meanwhile, “more than 100 million Americans are under heat warnings and advisories as a dangerous heat wave that began in the Southwest covers more real estate in the Central and Southern U.S.”

+ Hanks Giving: “There are some artists, and Tom Hanks is one, who go beyond mere popularity and instead come to embody some part of our shared American story.” NYT Mag (Gift Article): Tom Hanks Explains It All.