The military has designed videogames to get kids playing and thinking more positively about the armed forces. When they couldn’t keep up with the gameplay of the popular titles, they started having soldiers play the better games “while interacting with large audiences and touting military life.” It’s all part of a movement to recruit a new kind of soldier who grew up with a lethal joystick in his hands. But not everyone in the military is a fan of these recruits. “In February, Army major Jon-Marc Thibodeau, chief of medical readiness at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, decried video games as a reason for why young recruits are physically unfit for the military. “The ‘Nintendo Generation’ soldier skeleton is not toughened by activity prior to arrival. So some of them break more easily.” (This contrasts with those of us in the Internet Generation whose bodies have become too soft and rubbery to break.) WaPo (Gift Article): Inside the Pentagon’s long debate: Do gamers make good soldiers?