“There’s one member of the family who’s not here right now. Christy’s 71-year-old mother, Mary, has gone home for the day. Her shift ended at 5 p.m. Sugar and Spice is almost certainly the only sex toy store in the Deep South run by three generations of women from one family. So, just how did these women end up hawking dildos to lawyers, correctional officers and preachers’ wives in a conservative city whose biggest claim to fame is being the birthplace of blues legend W.C. Handy?” The Deep South’s Dames of Dildos.

+ “He’s learned the ropes of parenting in the most unconventional way: experiencing dozens of children, all from different mothers, who serially appear in his life as adults. Collectively, they’re now pioneering a new type of family — one that begins decades into the kids’ lives, without preparation. Peter’s children have varying religions, hometowns, and emotional needs. He is thriving in this untraditional kind of fatherhood. Unexpectedly, it’s made him a better man.” Peter Ellenstein’s donated sperm produced 35 (and counting) kids who taught him how to be a dad.

+ Woman reunited with skates after 40 years in modern-day Cinderella story.

+ A couple of really fun videos about a really weird baseball team. How the Savannah Bananas have become the greatest show in baseball and Are the Savannah Bananas the future of baseball?

+ This Louisiana man thought he was rescuing one kitten — then 12 more appeared. (I agreed to having one pet. I have five.)