“Longtime associates say Norman’s most remarkable skill is neither golf nor business. It’s his ability to repeat something with enough conviction that it becomes true. It’s his best and worst trait, those close to him say, the one that both pushed him from No. 100 in the world to No. 1 and made him successful in real estate, Wagyu beef, even water parks. It’s now justifying his partnership with the Saudis, associates say.” (Aside from the actual success in real estate, steaks, and water, this personality sounds a little too familiar.) WaPo (Gift Article) on Greg Norman and the highly controversial new Saudi-backed professional golf league. The Shark is on the attack again.

+ Money can move people to make bad decisions. Norman is not alone. Rebel Saudi golf tour struggling to shift tickets for inaugural event – even for free.

+ LIV Golf Invitational Series event in London to be streamed on YouTube and Facebook.