“Peter Dunlap-Shohl was living his lifelong dream, as an editorial cartoonist for the Anchorage Daily News. But in 2002, when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he asked himself: What else would he be losing besides his craft as an artist? His identity? It wasn’t over yet when he discovered the possibilities of computers, from drawing in color to animation. He soon realized he still had an outlet for expression.” This is an inspiring story about a guy who also happens to be wearing a great t-shirt. Alaska cartoonist draws his experience with Parkinson’s.

+ Inflation sucks, but the job market stays red-hot with the unemployment rate near a pre-pandemic low.

+ A 14-Year-Old Won The National Spelling Bee After a Ridiculous Playoff Speed Round.

+ This is weirdly heartwarming story about a tech nostalgia, credit card fraud, and guy who has a kid still young enough to want to talk to him. Installing a payphone in my house.

+ Microsoft says it will support employees who want to unionize.

+ Tahoe’s famous and elusive burned bear cub, Tamarack, seen in the wild playing with a toy bear.

+ “Stiklestad was a fitting place for me to begin my journey, because the Kystriksveien that unfurls away to the north also goes to the heart of how Norwegians see themselves and their nation.” The Kystriksveien: Earth’s most beautiful road trip?

+ We were promised jetpack rescues. And we got one.