Brothers (and Sisters) in Arms

“Just a few hours later — just after Jose had been celebrated in a ceremony for his good grades — the boy was shot dead by a gunman who had slipped into the building through an open door. His sister escaped through a window.” NYT (Gift Article): A Son Was Lost, a Daughter Saved.

+ This cover of the Sunday Review may help explain why this all feels so familiar.

+ “In a tight-knit community where Border Patrol, police and state troopers are recognized not just as heroes — but as cousins, aunts and uncles — the steadfast support for law enforcement in Uvalde has quickly become complicated.” Texas Tribune: Uvalde’s ‘back-the-blue’ values collide with outrage over police response to Texas’ worst school shooting. (The delayed reaction by the police is part of the exact same problem that led to the shooting in the first place: The fact that anyone can walk into a gun store and acquire a ridiculous amount of firepower. If a gun is powerful enough paralyze armored cops with fear, it’s too powerful to be sold.)

+ “A violent society ought, at the very least, to regard its handiwork, however ugly, whether it be the toll on the men and women who fight in our name, on ordinary crime victims killed or wounded by guns or on children whose right to grow up has been sacrificed to the right to bear arms.” Susie Linfield in the NYT: Should We Be Forced to See Exactly What an AR-15 Does to a 10-Year-Old?

+ CityLab: The State Laws That Are Most Effective at Stopping Mass Shootings.

+ We know which laws work. And we better hurry up implementing them. 9 killed, more than 60 injured in Memorial Day weekend mass shootings.

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