Feel Good Friday

Yes, the Warriors are back in the NBA Finals. And yes, regardless of the opponent, they will win those finals. We know this because the team is firing on all cylinders and because Kendrick Lamar has a new album.

+ “Rebecca Varney met Vernard Lewis who let her hold a hissing cockroach, and told her she could get something called a PhD and spend her life researching insects.” WaPo (Gift Article): Scientist finds professor who supported her love for bugs when she was 4.

+ Like watching fast people on the way to possibly becoming the fastest? Then you’ll love The Summer of Erriyon Knighton.

+ “I used to hate my curls. I spent morning and night embarrassed of them trying to straighten this part of who I am, but the daily damage of trying to fix myself became too much to endure. So while having curly hair in Florida is difficult due to the humidity, I decided to be proud of who I was and started coming to school as my authentic self.” He said he was told not to say ‘gay’ in graduation speech. He made his point anyway. (He was told not to say gay? It’s friggin 2022. I know, I know. This is the Feel Good section. So let’s hear Mo from Curly.)

+ WaPo: A Jewish teen put her baby up for adoption in WWII. They just reunited.

+ How nine schoolgirls stood up for Ecuador’s Amazon and won.

+ Obama has heartwarming reunion with boy who touched his hair in iconic photo.

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