You’d like to see reforms to our immigration system. You believe climate change is happening and you think we oughta be taking steps to save ourselves from its wrath. While you’re not opposed to certain limits, you believe in a woman’s right to choose. You think sensible gun control is a good idea. You’re not blind to our cultural differences, but it makes sense to you when you read an op-ed by a Kansas City gun owner in which he explains, “I believe in the right to bear arms. Our Second Amendment calls for ‘a well regulated militia.’ Well, where on earth are the regulations? It is unconscionable that an 18-year-old can walk into a store and purchase not one, but two assault rifles with virtually no checks in place.” Right about now, you’re probably feeling pretty alienated from a country that seems to disagree with you. But the country doesn’t. A majority of Americans see things like you do. So why is America moving in the opposite direction? Ron Brownstein in The Atlantic: The Real Reason America Doesn’t Have Gun Control. “The Senate’s inaction on these issues again reflects the outsize influence of those states with the highest gun-ownership rates—which also tend to be those enmeshed in the fossil-fuel economy, with high shares of culturally conservative white Christians and low shares of immigrants … The basic rules of American democracy provide a veto over national policy to a minority of the states.” (It’s ironic that a nation so afraid of minorities is victimized by minority rule.)

+ I said my piece about the latest episode of America’s unique storyline yesterday. Class Dismissed. This is what America is. “Here’s what’s going to happen as a result of yet another insanely tragic and tragically insane school shooting. Nothing.”

+ Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted. Britain ended the horror of school shootings after one single massacre. Other countries had mass shootings. Then they changed their gun laws. If we’re looking for solutions, we can look almost anywhere but here. Or as The Onion has been explaining for eight years: ‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens.

+ Law enforcement authorities faced mounting questions and criticism over how much time elapsed before they stormed a Texas elementary school classroom. (Is the response too slow, or do the guns shoot too fast?)

+ “Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday that the Uvalde school shooter had a ‘mental health challenge’ and the state needed to ‘do a better job with mental health’ — yet in April he slashed $211 million from the department that oversees mental health programs.” (It’s true that school shootings are all about mental health. The mental health of the sick politicians who enable them.)

+ “It’s a transsexual leftist illegal alien named Salvatore Ramos.” Baseless anti-trans theory about Uvalde shooting spreads online, touted by U.S. congressman.