Extra, Extra

Bet Your Bot Dollar: “After delving into the console reselling underworld, I was shocked to learn that resellers aren’t the primary problem. Instead, they’re merely the pawns of the true powerbrokers of the industry: the enterprising developers selling these bots to aspiring flippers in the first place.” The Unstoppable Machines Behind the Game Console Shortage.

+ Economy Classic: Why are airline ticket prices so high right now? (High fuel prices, pent up demand, making up for losses, and because no one can afford to drive anywhere.)

+ Masked Man: “Male TV presenters in Afghanistan are wearing face masks on screen to show solidarity after the Taliban issued an order that all women on news channels must cover their faces.”

+ Fearless: “I can’t respond to fear or desire now. I’m scared that people are going to be scared, sure. But am I scared that the Russians are going to get me and I’ll be raped and murdered and all that? No, I guess I don’t have a sense of self anymore. To me, I died two decades ago and everything else is just extra.” The Rescuer: In Ukraine, Kathy Stickel has pulled dozens of people out of harm’s way by putting herself in it.

+ Meatless By Product: Kim Kardashian to Promote Beyond Meat as New ‘Chief Taste Consultant‘ (Wait, I thought Pete Davidson was the one known for his meat that is like, totally beyond?)

+ Patty Hearse: “Beef patties in the ads are not fully cooked, making the burgers appear about 15% to 20% larger than the ones served to customers, the lawsuit says.” This is the photographic evidence presented in a lawsuit over fast-food burger sizes.

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