Pastor is Present: “A church pastor in Indiana publicly confessed to his congregation this week that he’d committed “adultery” two decades ago—but he was quickly called out by a woman who took the stage to say she had only been 16 when he preyed on her.” This is really something. In so many ways. Pastor’s ‘Adultery’ Confession in Church Goes Off the Rails.

+ Conduct Tape: “Biden will call for the creation of national standards for the accreditation of police departments and a national database of officers with substantiated complaints and disciplinary records, including those fired for misconduct, the people briefed on the matter said.” WaPo: White House to issue policing order on anniversary of Floyd’s death. Also, “the Justice Department is updating its use of force policy for the first time in 18 years, saying explicitly that federal officers and agents must step in if they see other officers using excessive force.”

+ Paraders of the Lost Arc: San Francisco’s mayor to opt out of Pride parade over ban on police participating in uniform. (Hold bad cops accountable. Lock arms with good cops. It’s the only way forward. Divided we fall.)

+ Innocenceless: “Justice Clarence Thomas’s majority opinion claimed that a law restricting the power of federal courts to toss out convictions in state courts prevents Jones from seeking relief. But Thomas’s reading of this law is novel — his opinion had to gut two fairly recent Supreme Court decisions to deny relief to Jones.” The Supreme Court just condemned a man to die despite strong evidence he’s innocent.

+ Perdue Chicken Comes Home to Roost: David Perdue, backed into a corner by hopeless poll numbers, went full racist in Georgia. Perdue makes racist remark about Abrams: She’s ‘demeaning her own race‘. (Perdue is a disgrace to inside traders everywhere.)

+ SEC No Evil: “U.S. securities regulators have pulled their punches in dealings with Elon Musk largely because an April 2019 court hearing on a statement he made about Tesla on Twitter didn’t go their way, according to four sources with knowledge of the matter.” Reuters: In a faceoff with Elon Musk, the SEC blinked. Musk just confirms what Trump already proved. Being an a–hole is kryptonite for America’s institutions.

+ More Puns, Fewer Pundits: MSNBC on Tuesday announced that former White House press secretary Jen Psaki will join the network to host a new streaming program. (It seems like it’s about time to banish cable news…)

+ Bunny Hop: “In the six years since he quit his job bagging groceries, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio has become one of the most streamed artists alive, a professional wrestling champion, a whole new kind of cliché-shattering sex symbol–and next, a Marvel leading man.” GQ: The World’s Newest Superhero: Bad Bunny. (I think I once used the line “cliché-shattering sex symbol” on my JDate profile…)