I’d like to pause to congratulate Taylor Swift and Adam Sandler for having the distinct honor of speaking at my nephew Jeremy Kaplan’s two-day graduation from NYU Drama. Sandler took a photo with Jeremy at their hotel (which will one day be an NFT worth millions) and offered a special message to all in attendance. “You might be supporting these kids for a very long time. They are not leaving the nest anytime soon. This is a tough business they chose but there’s still time to talk them out of it.” (Don’t worry, Sis. It could be worse. Jeremy could be going into newsletter writing.)

+ Engineering students created an edible adhesive tape to keep your burrito wrapped tightly. Of course, people who know how to roll a burrito roll them tightly without tape, which reminds me of this once viral post. Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito: A Fictional Letter Written to a Fictional Person About a Real Struggle.

+ “In this scenario, the apartments are NFTs and the investors are the owners. It’s fundraising like we’ve never seen before and has the potential to turn the metaverse into a place for purpose. HomeStart is an early pioneer. And if they are successful, we will likely see more.” The Metaverse Can Be a Force for Good in the Real World. Very cool idea: 100% of the proceeds go to HomeStart dedicated to preventing homelessness before it starts. More here.

+ “The objective, fund officials say, is to quickly seed projects that conventional peer-review panels would spurn because they are too risky and lack preliminary data. Each scout is given a ‘hunting license to go out and, given their budget, find one, maybe two, maybe three great ideas that are going to languish’ without funding.” An awesome idea brought to life by Dave Sanford: New funding effort will deploy a corps of scientist ‘scouts’ to spot innovative ideas. (Tired: Follow the Money. Wired: The Money Follows You.)

+ “That’s right — in between practices, games and press conferences while leading Golden State to its sixth Western Conference finals appearance in eight seasons, Curry was hitting the books to fulfill yet another promise … And what better way to earn a degree all these years later than by writing his thesis on a topic close to his heart: advancing gender equity through sports.” Steph fulfilling promise to earn degree was ‘a long time coming.'”

+ WaPo: Viral story leads to donations of $1 million for coach of underdog debate team.

+ People look at me and say, ‘She won’t be able to lift that.’ I like surprising them. I’m a 79-year-old world champion powerlifter. I think I’ll actually try surfing when I’m 79.