Insurrector Set

During Tuesday’s primaries, the insurrection was on the ballot. And, sadly, it won in some cases. Consider Doug Mastriano, who just picked up the nomination in Pennsylvania’s GOP race for governor. “Mastriano backed baseless reviews of the election results in Pennsylvania, where Democrat Joe Biden won by nearly 100,000 votes. He organized buses to ferry Trump supporters to Washington for the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally that preceded the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol insurrection. And he says that if he’s elected, he’ll ferret out fraud partly by making every single voter in the state reregister.” In other election news, Madison Cawthorn’s horrible governance didn’t doom him, but his talk of cocaine and orgies did. And the Dr Oz Pennsylvania senate primary is still too close to call. Here are six takeaways from the primaries.

+ Greg Sargent in WaPo: “Let’s state this plainly: Pennsylvania Republicans just nominated a full-blown insurrectionist who intends to use the power of the office to ensure that, as long as he is governor, no Democratic presidential candidate wins his state again. Mastriano’s victory also highlights another story that’s bigger than this one contest: The role of Christian nationalism in fueling the growing insurrectionist streak on the right. This nexus underscores the danger this movement poses in a way that also demands more clarity about the worldview of candidates like Mastriano.”

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