Farming Landmines: “The world is watching — not only the military movements of the war in Ukraine, but the movements of Yuriy Russu and the nation’s farmers as well. The question is critical for Ukraine and all those countries that depend on it: Can a nation plant and harvest its crops in the middle of a war?” Farming on the front lines: How Ukraine’s farmers are dodging bombs to feed the world. And the latest from the front: Interrogation, uncertainty for surrendering Mariupol troops. Plus, Russian soldier pleads guilty in first war crimes trial of Ukraine conflict. (We’re gonna need to move a whole lot higher up the chain of command.)

+ Longing for Relief: “It’s the most succinct and dispassionate name for long Covid: U09.9 — a medical diagnostic code created last year to allow doctors to document post-Covid conditions. Now, a large new study has analyzed data from the first few months after the code took effect, and the results paint a sobering picture of long Covid’s serious and ongoing impact on people’s health and the American health care system.” NYT: Over 75 Percent of Long Covid Patients Were Not Hospitalized for Initial Illness.

+ Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner Kick: NPR: The U.S. men’s and women’s soccer teams will be paid equally under a new deal. (Nice of the women to give the men this deal even though the women’s team is more successful and popular!)

+ Tired of All the Wynning: “The Justice Department sued former longtime casino tycoon Steve Wynn on Tuesday to compel him to file as a foreign agent for allegedly lobbying former President Donald Trump on behalf of China in 2017, when he was Trump’s hand-picked Republican National Committee finance chairman.” (It was all just one giant nonstop crime.)

+ Big Dick Energy: “The lord of Law & Order has taken his television operations to new heights during the 2021-22 television season, which is about to conclude with no less than six Wolf-produced series in primetime’s top 10 rankings.” TV at Unprecedented Scale: How Dick Wolf Rebounded to 198 Hours of Drama a Season.