Feel Good Friday

“The Stanley Cup playoff beard has been an NHL tradition since the early 1980s, when the shaggy New York Islanders won four straight championships. It represents the players’ singular focus, as if even personal hygiene is sacrificed in pursuit of hockey’s holy grail. It suggests the rugged doggedness that’s synonymous with the NHL’s postseason tournament, with its grueling series and marathon overtimes. Here’s a look at the best beards to watch for in the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs, the next generation of bushy beauties and the greatest facial forests in NHL postseason history. As Joe Thornton, playoff beard GOAT once said: “It looks pretty. But it’s hard work.” ESPN: Playoff Beards: Hockey’s Wackiest Tradition.

+ “Personally, I have struggled my whole life with not being heard or accepted. A story on the front page of our local newspaper reported how the principal at my high school told a staff member, ‘The retard can’t be valedictorian.’ Yet today, here I stand. Each day, I choose to celebrate small victories, and today, I am celebrating a big victory with all of you.” Nonspeaking student with autism gives moving commencement speech.

+ This is Spinal Tap sequel in the works with original team attached.

+ Scientists Make Paper Durable Like Plastic, Without the Pollution.

+ Parkinson’s disease symptoms ‘reversed’ by mini implant, trial suggests.

+ Over the past three decades Ara Mirzaian has fitted braces for everyone from Paralympians to children with scoliosis. But Msituni was a patient like none other — a newborn giraffe.

+ Lhakpa Sherpa: Woman climbs Everest for record tenth time.

+ Phillip Island’s little penguins set record as 5,000 cross beach in ‘really unique’ event. (I have five pets, which is too many. Yet, I’m now thinking of getting a few hundred little penguins.)

+ And if you missed the feel good story of the passenger who turned into a pilot on the fly, here it is. Gonna Fly Now.

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