What to WE: I’ve been counting down the days for the insanely well reviewed new album from Arcade Fire. The early release singles have been amazing. As soon as I’m done deeply informing and wildly entertaining you, I’m listening to WE. The band will also perform on SNL this weekend. And their upcoming US tour will be supported by Beck doing an acoustic show.

+ What to Book: “The untold story of how Vladimir Putin and the small group of KGB men surrounding him rose to power and looted their country.” Want to understand how the hell Putin turned a country into a criminal operation? This is your book. Catherine Belton: Putin’s People: How the KGB Took Back Russia and Then Took on the West.

+ What to Watch: This week we’ve seen how the supposedly unavoidable price hikes at the gas pump turned into massive profits for oil companies. So it’s the perfect time for Frontline’s three-part series. The Power of Big Oil.