“I hope you don’t start taking that for granted. Like it’s old hat. It’s just so unusual. It’s otherworldly, on this level of this game.” Shohei Ohtani matches 1919 Babe Ruth feat in history-making pitching performance in Boston. (Babe Ruth really didn’t pitch for that long. Ohtani is something else.)

+ This High Schooler Invented a Low-Cost, Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm.

+ Dave Eggers offers to replace books a South Dakota school board wants to pulp.

+ “In 2020, when amputee ultra runner Jacky Hunt-Broersma saw that Alyssa Amos Clark had broken the record for running 95 marathons in as many days, she thought to herself, ‘Well, that would be interesting to try and do. Especially running on a prosthetic leg …'”

+ Karine Jean-Pierre to become White House press secretary, the first Black and out LGBTQ person in the role.

+ ‘She’s my guardian angel’: DoorDasher saves Massachusetts woman’s life while delivering pizza.

+ After this week in news, I think we can all relate to Extreme Pogo Stick Riding.