Extra, Extra

You’re Invited to a Key Party: “A passwordless login process will let users choose their phones as the main authentication device for apps, websites, and other digital services … made possible through the use of a unique cryptographic token called a passkey that is shared between the phone and the website.” All the tech giants want to roll out FIDO passkey technology in the coming year.

+ Major General News: “The Biden administration had sought to keep much intelligence secret to avoid provoking Vladimir Putin into a wider war. That cautious calculation appears to have changed in recent weeks, as countries have voiced overt support for Ukraine and supplied far more lethal equipment, including much-needed artillery and ammunition.” US intelligence helping Ukraine kill Russian generals, report says. Whether it’s US intel or Ukrainian know-how or some combination of the two, there are a lot of Russian generals being killed.

+ The Toll: “The Covid pandemic has caused the deaths of nearly 15 million people around the world, the World Health Organization estimates. That is 13% more deaths than normally expected over two years. The WHO believes many countries undercounted the numbers who died from Covid – only 5.4 million were reported. In India, there were 4.7 million Covid deaths, it says – 10 times the official figures – and almost a third of Covid deaths globally.” (This report has been in the works for a while. India was working to delay it.)

+ Beyond Terrible: This is story about the caste system, misogyny, and a rape culture. And it’s terrible. “A 13-year-old girl who was allegedly gang-raped by four men in India, was allegedly raped again by a police officer after she tried to seek his help in reporting the initial attack.”

+ Plastic Figure: “A new report shows that U.S. plastic recycling rates have declined from about 8.7% to between 5% and 6%, revealing the challenges and shortcomings of the country’s waste management infrastructure and policies.” Plastics Recycling ‘Does Not Work.’

+ Panic A Tax: Over 60 million Americans have taxes so simple the IRS could do them automatically. (But that would be a bummer for corporations that live off of doing tax returns, so never mind.)

+ Liver Let Die: “The Liver King does own shirts, first of all. Several, he claims. I haven’t personally seen them, because when he greeted me in the cavernous entryway of his Texas mansion, he wasn’t wearing one. Nor did I see any in his closet later, which—though it contains approximately 900 identical pairs of athletic shorts and enough guns and ammunition to arm the military of a smaller nation—did not seem to contain even a single t-shirt. Nonetheless, he assured me that there are a few in there, somewhere … A shirt would only muffle the Liver King’s message: that the modern world has made men unconscionably soft, and that the only way to fight back is by living more like our earliest, most-jacked ancestors.” GQ: In the Court of the Liver King. (This dude looks like he works out.)

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