“Before they could dig in, the pilot first had to ferry the order on the long air journey over the silty waters of Cook Inlet, the craggy snow-covered peaks of the Alaska Range and the lake-pocked terrain near the airstrip in Nikolai where he would land. There, the box of food (only slightly crushed) was passed on to Ms. Navarro, 29, who works as a health aide at the village’s clinic. There are no grocery stores or restaurants in that community of fewer than 100 people, so once or twice a month her family orders from DoorDash to break the monotony of chicken- and moose-based soups and stews.” NYT (Gift Article): Need a Big Mac Out on the Tundra? There’s an App (and a Plane) for That. “Robert Golike said he feels like the world’s most expensive food-delivery driver — but that’s probably because he uses a Cessna.” (In Samoa, commuter planes have been delivering McDonald’s from one island to another for decades. When there’s a will, there’s a way.)