An American Life: As a kid he was shipped off to a Japanese internment camp. As an adult, he was the man who ordered the FAA to ground all 4,638 planes in U.S. airspace on 9/11. Today, his name is on a major American airport. In the internment camp, he “struck up a friendship with a local Boy Scout named Alan Simpson, who came to visit the camp and later became a U.S. senator. Decades later, when Mr. Mineta sought a reparations bill in the House, Simpson sponsored a companion bill in the Senate. ‘He came through all that with the camps by just rising above any kind of resentment or bitterness … You look at the way he’s handled it and how hard he’s worked since then and you say, ‘There’s a person of depth.'” From being a 10 year-old in an internment camp to being a 10 term Congressman to creating the TSA… WaPo: Norman Mineta, transportation secretary who helped create TSA, dies at 90. And more on Mineta’s friendship with Alan Simpson in WaPo: Behind a WWII internment camp’s barbed wire, two Scouts forged a bond. It endured when they both entered Congress.

+ Quitting Grass: “It was a perfectly decent patch of lawn, several hundred square feet of grass in a condominium community on this city’s western edge. But Jaime Gonzalez, a worker with a local landscaping firm, had a job to do. Wrangling a heavy gas-powered sod cutter, Mr. Gonzalez sliced the turf away from the soil underneath, like peeling a potato. Two co-workers followed, gathering the strips for disposal. Mr. Gonzalez took little pleasure in destroying this patch of fescue.” We’re running short on water, a reality being felt most acutely in the Southwest. The latest step to address the issue: Outlawing grass. NYT (Gift Article): Where Lawns Are Outlawed (and Dug Up, and Carted Away).

+ Chapelle Mell: “NBC News Los Angeles reported that the suspect was carrying some kind of replica gun with a blade attachement, but it wasn’t immediately clear whether he tried to use it.” Dave Chappelle Tackled Onstage Mid-Performance at Hollywood Bowl. Immediately after the attacker was subdued, Chris Rock walked onto the stage and asked, “Was that Will Smith?” (And I’m not joking.)

+ Words Worth: “Buying the hit puzzle game Wordle was apparently a good bit of business for The New York Times. The company announced its quarterly earnings on Wednesday and credited Wordle for a huge jump in new subscribers.” Buying Wordle brought ‘tens of millions of new users’ to The New York Times.

+ Jersey Score: “The jersey that Argentina’s Diego Maradona wore when he scored the ‘Hand of God’ goal against England in the 1986 World Cup has sold for a world-record price of $9.28 million at an auction at Sotheby’s in London.”