A Warranty For Arrest: “Does it seem like you’ve been getting more calls about your car’s extended warranty or fake IRS alerts? It’s not just you. According to the spam-blocking company YouMail, robocalls have spiked in the last few months since hitting a low in December.” Who’s to Blame for All the Spam Calls? (It’s sad that, at least for me, many of them are politicians calling for donations. They text, they email, they call. And with each, I move further away from swiping my credit card.)

+ Sub is Dom: “Even with all the changes so far, it still has abundant evolutionary space to explore, according to virologists who are tracking it closely. What that means in practical terms is that a virus that’s already extremely contagious could become even more so.” Virus mutations aren’t slowing down. New omicron subvariant proves it.

+ Van, Go: “He had a neighbor’s video of the van used in the crime on Marietta Drive. He found that same van. He found his family’s stolen belongings inside the van. He found evidence the van itself was stolen. He found burglary tools inside it. And he found a fount of other goods that appeared stolen — suitcases, backpacks, cameras and even Lowell High report cards — in there too.” SF Chronicle: S.F. dad solves stolen luggage case for police — and do-little cops still haven’t made arrests.

+ ‘Dex Flex: “Percentage by which more Russians than average read BBC News in the week Ukraine was invaded : 245. Date on which Russia restricted access to BBC News: 3/4/2022.” The always interesting Harper’s Index.

+ Chip Technology: “International chip flavors seem to have all the fun. But to get chip flavors like hot pot or fried crab in America, the snack industry would have to change the way it does everything.” Why Are American Chips So Boring? (I’m not sure I’d use the word boring to describe chips. Just reading this headline pretty much guarantees I’ll eat chips today.)