What to Book: The first book of Don Winslow’s latest (and possibly last) trilogy is out, and this one is the most personal crime novel from one of America’s great crime writers. City on Fire.

+ What to Memoir: In her memoir of grief and survival, Stepping Back from the Ledge: A Daughter’s Search for Truth and Renewal, Laura Trujillo confronts her family’s secrets in the aftermath of her mother’s suicide, asking a seemingly impossible question: How do you mourn a loved one as you repair the injuries they inflicted?

+ What to Watch: Filmmaker Jay Rosenblatt tracks down his fifth grade class to see what they recall from a bullying incident that occurred 50 years ago. It’s short but really interesting. Check out When We Were Bullies on HBO. And don’t forget to watch Pachinko on AppleTV Plus. It’s a great saga and it just got picked up for a second season.