“By the time she reached school on a recent Monday morning, Norma Mercado had already driven four homeless children to class, one from 30 miles away, having spent the weekend taking a group of homeless students on a college tour and two homeless siblings to buy clothes.” NYT (Gift Article): A One-Woman Rescue Squad for Homeless Students.

+ As EU countries scramble to wean themselves off Russian energy, a trickle of member states have signaled that they are finding alternative sources of oil, coal, or gas and won’t need to rely on Russia for long.

+ US Army replaces cake it stole from Italian girl in 1945. (It’s not the same though since in 1945, carbs and sugar were positives.)

+ ‘A legend at Ocean Beach’: Bill Hickey, one of the first San Francisco surfers at Kelly’s Cove, dies at 85. Yes, it’s an obit, but it’s also a celebration.

+ “The first thing I did after my run today was take off my leg. Felt so good. Marathon 69 done. 31 marathons to go.” Jacky’s quest: 1 woman, 1 leg, 102 marathons in 102 days. (I often pat myself on the back for walking the dogs around the block a few times.)

+ Kevin Kelly at 70: 103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known.