“It’s no surprise that Musk disagrees with current company executives about their policymaking; he has said so from the start. Nor is it a shock that he would use his outsized platform to insult other people; it has been one his primary use cases for Twitter for years now. But I still find myself taken aback that Musk would single out individual policy executives for this kind of public criticism now. In three to six months, if and when the deal closes, Musk is free to clean house; it has been apparent for weeks that few if any of Twitter’s current C-team will survive the transition. But to single out those executives today, while also responding sympathetically to right-wing conspiracy theorists, creates needless new turmoil at the company during an already turbulent time.” Casey Newton: Musk flips Twitter the bird. And now Twitter’s Vijaya Gadde is receiving death threats. This is the Twitter that Twitter has been seeking to avoid, but people like Jack Dorsey are sitting on the sidelines and letting it happen after saying that he trusts Musk’s “mission to extend the light of consciousness.” What he’s extending is the reach of the platform’s number one troll.