“Attached to the Zero Waste Center is a thrift shop where local residents can drop off items they don’t want anymore, so that others can take for free. All they need to do is weigh the item they take from the shop and log the weight in the ledger, so the shop can keep track of the volume of reused items.” On Shikoku island in Japan, a small town called Kamikatsu made a declaration to become fully zero waste and carbon neutral by 2030. And they’re getting close, but it’s not easy. In the town’s recycling facility, “residents can sort their garbage into 45 categories — there are nine ways to sort paper products alone — before they toss the rest into a pile for the incinerators.” WaPo (Gift Article): Postcards from Kamikatsu, Japan’s ‘zero-waste’ town. I’m in no position to judge. I’ve been in a long term relationship with my MacBook Air for years. (Yes, I know that’s the same line I used in the first item. In order to achieve zero waste, I’m recycling my jokes.)