For some Americans, the separation of church and state has been a long established norm. But as we’ve seen over the past several years, what some see as established norms others see as detours from the America they want. For those folks, the modern interpretation of the separation has just meant that prayer in schools has been on the injured reserve list until they could get it back. And, with the current makeup of the Supreme Court and a new coach on the sidelines, that team finds itself in the red zone. ESPN: How an unknown high school football coach landed in the center of a Supreme Court religious liberty case. “All he wanted, he says, was to connect with young people by coaching football, and to connect with God by saying a brief midfield prayer after each game. ‘I’d take a knee and thank God for what the guys just did and the opportunity to be a coach,’ Kennedy told ESPN, adding: ‘I wanted to hang out with my players and develop these young men.’ Yet the 52-year-old finds himself out of coaching and in the midst of a raging legal battle ignited when he insisted on taking a knee at midfield to pray after games, often with students. Bremerton public school officials fired him in 2015 after he refused to stop his on-field prayers, which they said violated the Constitution’s prohibition against government endorsement of religion.” (I guess I’m an outlier. During football practices and games, I always took a knee because I was tired.)