Endless Murder: “Mariupol’s Mayor Vadym Boychenko spoke to the BBC earlier and was asked about the reports of atrocities taking place in the besieged city. Boychenko said: ‘There are already eyewitness statements from Mariupol citizens about the atrocities that they saw and are still seeing, unfortunately.’ He said the number of people killed in Mariupol is frightening, and ‘over 20,000.'” Meanwhile, Boris Johnson said there’s a realistic possibility that the invasion will last through next year. What would be left of Ukraine? Here’s the latest from BBC.

+ No Fuss, No Plus: It’s mostly a case of new management crushing what old management had built, but it was always hard to imagine that people who have watched the last five years of CNN would think, “I think I could use some more CNN.” CNN Plus is shutting down just weeks after launching.

+ Life Imitating Bart: “We’re now at a point in history when generations of people have scarcely known a world without The Simpsons. ‘The first 10 seasons were a defining cultural phenomenon,’ Sachs tells me. ‘Why was it so important? It was mainstream and subversive at the same time. It grew out of punk culture and represented a popular mistrust of government and police, and the corporations who control them. Because it was animated, it got away with murder. It could say and show things that were too violent, outrageous, or anarchistic for broadcast television. And it happened every week for a decade.'” GQ: The Simpsons Enduring Power.

+ Board at Work: ” I caught about 10 waves, and each was more or less identical; they always broke in the same place and in the same direction and never closed out on top of me. It was surfing, but optimized and run like an assembly line. And here’s the thing: It was so, so sick.” The Atlantic: I Went Surfing in an Office Park.