Under the Rubble: “The western Ukrainian city of Lviv, which has so far been largely unscathed by the war, has recorded its first civilian deaths after Russian strikes, officials say. At least seven people were killed and 11 injured in the early morning attack on Monday, the city’s mayor said, warning that the death toll could rise as emergency services clear through the rubble.” While it’s true that Putin’s mass murder campaign has not gone according to plan, it’s also true that he shows no signs of letting up. More troops are pouring in and new cities are being targeted. Meanwhile, “one of the restaurant partners of the World Central Kitchen was struck on Saturday, according to the nonprofit kitchen’s CEO Nate Mook, who confirmed the news on Twitter. He said four staff members had been injured in the blast.” CNN: Celebrity chef’s Ukraine charity kitchen destroyed by Russian missile. (At this point, we should stop referring to Jose Andres as a celebrity chef and start referring to him as an international hero.) Here’s the latest from BBC.

+ Atrocity State: “Civilian deaths and crimes committed by soldiers figure into every war … In Russia, however, such acts are rarely investigated or even acknowledged, let alone punished. That leaves it unclear how much the low-level brutality stems from the intent of those in charge or whether commanders failed to control their troops. Combined with the apparent strategy of bombing civilian targets, many observers conclude that the Russian government — and, perhaps, a part of Russian society — in reality condones violence against civilians.” NYT: Atrocities in Ukraine War Have Deep Roots in Russian Military.

+ Tex and Balances: “An investigation by ProPublica, The Texas Tribune and The Marshall Project last month revealed that the numbers the state reported to demonstrate Operation Lone Star’s success have included arrests that had nothing to do with the border or immigration and drug seizures from across the state made by troopers stationed in targeted counties prior to the operation.” Texans Spend Billions on Border Operations. What Do They Get in Return? (Just what they wanted. Political gains.)

+ Calculated Move Florida rejects 41% of new math textbooks, citing critical race theory among its reasons. And in Michigan, a kindergartner brought tequila to school and shared it with classmates. (If it happened in Florida, they’d punish the kid for bringing too much Latino culture into the building.)

+ Sidd Finch is Real: “Two Sundays ago, Sasaki threw the first perfect game in Nippon Professional Baseball (Japan’s top league) since 1994. In his very next start this past Sunday, he threw eight more perfect innings.” And he only stopped because he was taken out of the game.

+ A Reptile Dysfunction: 4 Men Gang-Raped, Killed and Ate a Protected Monitor Lizard. “I have never seen a crime like this before,’ division forest officer Vishal Mali told VICE World News. ‘The men are in their 20s and 30s, and they appear to have done it for fun. There was no religious or black magic agenda.” (Does that make it better or worse? Seriously, what do you say to your cell mate when he asks, “So, what are you in for?”)