“The bump caused her to accidentally hit the button for a $30 scratcher instead of her usual lower-cost tickets.” Woman accidentally wins $10 million on lottery scratcher after stranger bumps into her. (This is oddly similar to how Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were invented!)

+ “The outcome could have been tragic if it hadn’t for a ‘quick response’ that Mariposa County Sheriff Jeremey Briese credited to the sharp eye of a Cal Fire firefighter who just happened to be passing by.” Father and son rescued after car plunges 500 feet down California cliff.

+ Months after a hostage situation, and just in time for Passover, Congregation Beth Israel in the Fort Worth suburb of Colleyville reopens.

+ ‘We’re All In This Together’: Retired Denver Cop Helping Feed Ukraine Refugees.

+ Walpole prison to close as incarceration rates hit 35-year low. “The fruit of that work — the lowest level of incarceration in decades — was achieved by providing at-risk individuals with pathways to positive life choices, creating new re-entry services, and empowering returning citizens to rebuild their lives in meaningful ways.” (America needs more fruit in its diet…)

+ Reminder: I’ll be in conversation with DJ Patil (America’s first chief data scientist) on Monday the 18th in San Francisco. Locals should come in person and out of towners can join online.