In Ukraine, we’ve seen a mass migration take place in a matter of weeks. In Mexico, the displacement rolls on and on, bit by bit. But it never stops. And this is one fight America can’t stay out of. Between our drug use and laws and our exported firepower, we’re already right in the middle of it. WaPo: The war next door: Conflict in Mexico is displacing thousands. “‘You can use violence for whatever interests you have in Mexico,’ said Le Cour Grandmaison, who runs the security program at the think tank MĂ©xico EvalĂșa. ‘It’s a low-cost, very efficient political, economic or personal resource. It can be used with almost no judicial consequences.'” (This is a lesson we’re seeing play out from Ukraine to Mexico to Mar-a-Lago. When there are no consequences, heinous behavior doesn’t stop. It escalates.)

+ Mexico’s fight to sue US gun manufacturers for $10bn.

+ “At Eduardo Berrios’ vinyl vintage records store in a deteriorating area of Santiago, sales are getting a boost thanks to a newcomer in the downtown neighborhood: Chile’s 36-year-old president, Gabriel Boric.” CityLab: Why Chile’s President Moved Into a High-Crime Santiago Neighborhood. (This guy must be able to multitask. Getting into vinyl is a fulltime job in and of itself.)