Feel Good Friday

“The eventual aim is to develop treatments for age-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and neurological disorders. The technology is built on the techniques used to create Dolly the cloned sheep more than 25 years ago.” Rejuvenation of woman’s skin could tackle diseases of aging.

+ A mechanic found hundreds of pieces of art in a dumpster. They’re worth millions.

+ “In the days that followed, Dabrowska went to the Polish-Ukrainian border to help refugees there. She took to social media to ask for aid on their behalf.” Schindler’s List’ Actress Who Played Film’s ‘Little Girl In The Red Coat’ Is Now 32 And Helping Ukrainian Refugees Enter Poland.

+ Fortnite raised $144 million for Ukraine relief.

+ Toddler’s friendship with Publix grocer goes viral, inspires charity.

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